Next Workshop at LaDIYfest Sheffield 29 Nov 2014

Gendered Abuse & Violence in Radical Activist Communities Workshop 14:15 – 15:15

Content note: discussion about sexual violence, rape, abuse, rape culture, victim-blaming, collusion and silence Salvage aims to bring together self-identified women, queers and transfolks who have experienced gender oppression, violence and abuse in activist communities to share experiences, resources and build communities of belief, support and action. Experiences of gendered violence within activist circles undermine core principles and can leave women, queers and transfolks with little choice but to distance themselves from collective organisation and activist spaces. This workshop aims to bring together those who have been affected by violence and abuse in their activist communities to explore the barriers that survivors face in identifying and speaking out about gendered violence. This workshop will explore these issues using case studies and group discussion.

LaDIYfest Sheffield is happening on Saturday 29 November. Workshops are running in the Quaker Meeting House (10 St James’ St) between 11am – 5:30pm, with vegan food and refreshments for sale, zines, stalls, a quiet room and a supervised children’s area. These workshops are open to all genders and workshop guidelines and a safe space policy are available here. There is a suggested donation of £6 for the day-time event or £8 for both events (including the evening show at The Redhouse, 168 Solly Street), but people attending are welcome to pay as much or as little as they can afford. No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds.


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