Update: Salvage Research Project

salvage flyers pile

We are really grateful for the interest that Project Salvage has attracted so far. On our trips out and about many people have told us that this project is timely, overdue and very much needed. Which is great. We are still keen on getting as many sexual violence survivors involved as possible.

We are interested in hearing about as many different experiences and situations as possible. We understand that it takes time to process abusive situations and the idea of talking about it to a stranger can be daunting. We’ve had positive feedback about our interviews so far, for example, one survivor said “I spent 2 hours talking to Julia this afternoon and she’s very nice 10/10 would recommend”. If you are unsure if your situation or experience fits or if you want to share your experience in a different way with us (e.g. by skype, email or online chat rather than a face-to-face interview) please get in touch with us to talk it through.

There is still time to do an interview. We are going to be doing interviews across the UK until mid-December 2015. Interviews can be arranged at a time, place and method of your choosing. You can email: julia.downes@open.ac.uk or call 01908 655455 to talk through how to take part. There is an answering machine that is safe to leave messages on.

You can read more about the research project on this page and follow us on twitter here


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