Get involved & support us

I just want to stay informed

Great, to get updates and news you can sign up to our mailing list here.

I want to give you money

Awesome, we could do with money to help run our forums and pay for things like travel costs, food and venue hire. We have a bank account so email us for more information:

In the past we have had specific projects and bits of work funded by the Feminist Review Trust and The Open University. Thanks for that pals.

I want to get involved

Amazing! We are currently on pause to work on our infrastructure (inc. points of unity, membership and accountability processes). We will be open to all women (cis, trans and intersex), trans and non-binary people who have experienced harm, abuse and violence (including supporters and allies) within activist groups, organisations and communities. We are particularly interested in making space and sharing resources to lift up survivors of colour and disabled survivors.

Email to be informed of when we are open to new members in the future. We are currently developing a membership process that will help to better establish trust and make our roles and work clear.


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